• Kathryn Couch

5 Must Have Products for College Dorm Life

Its been about 20 years since I first stepped into my college dorm room and I am about 5 years out from moving my daughter into her dorm room. However each year around this time I begin to reminisce on this exciting chapter in life. Thousands of parents and college students everywhere are getting ready to move their beloved child away from home. It's a bittersweet transition and one that requires some planning and organization. Here is a list of 5 must have items to make the transition into college life as smooth as possible.

  1. Under the Bed Storage - Most College Beds are high off the ground (if not you can purchase bed risers) and offer the perfect place to store items that aren't used on a daily basis. There are many varieties to choose from but we suggest either drawers or something on wheels for easiest use.

  2. Extra Storage - Unless you or your child is a minimalist there is hardly ever enough space to fit the contents of two college students in one room. Squeezing in extra storage wherever possible is key. Whether this is a rolling caddy with multiple shelves, or shelf risers to give you additional shelf space there is always use for more space.

  3. Bedside Shelf or Caddie - If there isn't room for a nightstand the next best thing is a bedside shelf or caddie with pockets. There is nothing more annoying than being comfortable in bed and having to get up multiple times to grab bedside necessities when they should be right next to you.

  4. Command Hooks - these now come in a variety of styles and sizes to match whatever decor you want. Unless things have changed since the early 2000's I remember that not being able to drill or nail directly into the wall was a standard restriction. Command Hooks now let you add practically anything you want to a wall without damage.

  5. Bathroom Tote - Who remembers the communal showers in college? Having to carry all your bathroom products to and from the shower can be problematic unless you have it in a handy tote all set to go for your shower routine.

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