• Kathryn Couch

Organizing Projects - Garage

Client Profile:

Bryan and Emilia* live in a suburb of Austin with their four kids. The each run their own thriving business and travel the world frequently both for business and pleasure. They are a family driven by adventure and excitement. As such their garage is full of all that goes with a traveling adventurous family. Gear of all sorts for all kinds of activities including skiing, camping, cycling, arts and crafts and so much more live in their two car garage. However, when the house you are renting doesn't come with built in's or cabinets, storage can be problematic. It wasn't soon after they moved into their home that the garage became a source of stress when packing for the next adventure.



For those of you that follow my guide on the 5 Steps to Decluttering you know that the first step is to pull everything out of the space. So that is exactly what we did. We pulled everything out into categories all the bikes and trikes in one section, all the holiday decor in another and so on. I then talk to the Bryan and Emilia and ask them what can be donated and what needs to stay. Once we knew what stayed and the frequency in which remaining items were used, we were able to put things back into the garage in a way that resulted in a sustainable system.


Most Improved:

  • Large totes contain all the smaller and like pieces together with labels for easy access

  • Frequently used items like the children's bikes and toys, were made more accessible

  • Purging of items allowed for parking space inside garage instead of driveway

Room for Improvement:

  • Storage shelves would have helped create more floor space

  • Larger labels for easier identification on containers


* names changed for privacy





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