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Product Reviews - Interdesign Linus Divided Lazy Susan

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

It comes as no surprise that I am an avid shopper at The Container Store (TCS). I not only shop there for myself and clients, I actually also worked there once upon a time during the holiday season. I am a little (okay a lot) OCD and loved making sure that shelves are perfectly stocked and every product aligned just so...

All this to say, that this experience combined with my hobby of professional organizing for friends and family is what led me to become a professional and begin my own business doing this for a living. I know the products well having been intimately acquainted with them during my short tenure at TCS. I use them often and know what products are worth the splurge and which one are okay to skimp on. Most importantly I know how to use products in alternate ways that work for your space and function. If there is a particular product you would like my feedback on, just comment below and I will try to do a review on an upcoming blog post.

Our first product reviews is one of my favorites that I use often in multiple areas of a home or office. The Lazy Susan. TCS has a few to chose from but the ones I am reviewing today is the one pictured below. At the time publishing TCS was having their 30% off customer favorites. You can buy the large one for the same price as the small one.

There are two sizes to choose from with the large one (11' diameter) being divided into five triangular compartments and the smaller one (9" diameter) into three compartments. What I love most about this product is the versatility of it. Although it is found in the kitchen section of TCS I use it most frequently in bathrooms for all the varying bottle sizes of beauty products. It keeps your counter and cabinets clutter free while still allowing you to see and quickly grab what you need without other nearby items spilling over.


  • Clear Resipreme so contents are visible from every angle

  • Compartments keep contents from shifting or falling over within container

  • Comes in two different sizes: 9' and 11' allows for use in multiple spaces

  • Height allows for taller bottles to be stored without falling over


  • Needs to be handwashed per manufacturers instructions

  • The triangular sections aren't always the most efficient use of space depending on contents

  • Circular Size is also not most space efficient but provides higher functionality

Intended Use: Kitchen Storage vs. Alternate Uses:

  • Bathroom Toiletries

  • Art Supplies

  • Anything else you can imagine!





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