• Kathryn Couch

Where Do I Start? - Your Organizing Questions Answered

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Having helped organize hundreds of spaces, there are common questions that often come up. I am starting this series of blog posts where once a month I will address the most common questions I get from DIY-ers, clients, acquaintances and friends.

I am gonna start with the number one question I am asked by people looking to organize their space. Where Do I Start? Before I can answer the question, I have to ask a few of my own. Below are the questions that need to be answered before I can provide a plan of action.

What Space is Most Frustrating?

Most times there is one particular place that drives you or your spouse crazy. For some people it's any time they have to pull something out of the garage. The time spent looking and crawling through all the contents that get dumped in the garage are enough to drive most people crazy. For others its their bathroom drawer where every morning is a war between you and the overstuffed cabinets and drawers -that threaten- and often succeed in spilling their contents all over the floor.

What Area Gets Used the Most?

This question goes hand in hand with the first one. The most frustrating area is probably the one that gets used most often by the largest number of people. You have probably heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home and for many of us that's true, this is the area we get called to organize most often. Others might not be big on cooking or have kids at home so this might not apply. Maybe their most frustrating area with the highest use could be their office. Think about which room in your house gets used most often where the maximum number of people would benefit from the transformation.

What is Your Time Frame?

Do you have a whole weekend? Do you have a couple hours? This question is perhaps the foremost determining factor before I can tell people how to begin their organization project. If you only have an a few hours on a Sunday afternoon I wouldn't advise you to do the garage as that often requires at least a full day. Knowing how much time you can dedicate to the project will help you narrow down where and how to start.

Ok Now What?

Once you have determined which area is the most frustrating, which area gets the most use and how much time you dedicate to the process. you can decided which project to take on.

If you use our 5 Step Guide to Decluttering Your Space you know that the first step is to pull everything out. Once you have committed to the first step in the process there is no going back unless you are okay with your closet mess becoming your bedroom mess. That's why it's important to determine your timeframe after you have identified which area causes the most frustration.

If you only have half a day then maybe you commit to one portion of the project. Let's say for example you have half a day to organize the playroom. With all the little bits and pieces that usually have to be stored together, this is usually a multiple day project. I would advise that with a short timeline begin with a portion of the playroom. Focus on the stuffed animals, or building toys only.

If the area you are attacking is a master closet then focus on organizing accessories only. Clear the space that you know your accessories will live in and then commit to focusing on that area only. This concept applies to shorter time frames as well. If the most frequently used room is the kitchen but you only have a couple hours to dedicate to organizing then focus on a small area like the spice cabinet or the junk drawer.

Having even one cabinet or portion of a large area organized has a domino effect. The satisfaction and efficiency an organized space creates leads to more organization little by little. It really can become addictive, a good kind of addiction if you ask me :) Let us know how you organized your spaces. Tag us on social media with #tpeshome with your progress.




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