Clutter makes me frustrated and I needed to do something about it. Now we have Kathryn come every week to organize our home and the results are nothing short of amazing... she's timely, smart, intuitive, and a pleasure to be around. Highly recommended.

Ben C.
Los Angeles, CA

After a recent move, Kathryn unpacked and organized my master bedroom.  She was quick, made efficient use of her time, and came up with simple but creative solutions to my storage needs.  Now, everything has a place and it's all very intuitive.

Erin S.
Simi Valley, CA

Kathryn did an amazing job! In a short time she had organized my office closet/ book shelf and helped to arrange the room better. She worked mostly independently but also with me now and then to make the best storage choices. My office looks and feels so much peaceful and neat. She was a pleasure to work with and I'll surely be hiring her again for other areas of the house.

Nancy H.
Whittier, CA

Kathryn was awesome! She's really gifted at organizing took my totally messy closets and made them spacious and organized. She's a pleasure to have in your home & to work with. I hope I'll be able to work more with her in the future and can highly recommend her!

Louise, K.
Newport Beach, CA

Kathryn did a great job of organizing my closet, helping me eliminate the clutter and simplify my wardrobe. She was timely and very kind!

Sheena S.
Laguna Beach, CA

Kathryn was absolutely amazing. Quick and thorough. I will hire her again.

Jessica A.
Brentwood, CA

Almost don't want to recommend her because then she'll be too busy for me.  But she was awesome!!! Highly recommend!

Tammy K. 
Redondo Beach, CA

I had a great experience working with Kathryn. She helped with a project that required perfect timing, creativity, and good communication. She knocked it out of the park!

Will L. 
Huntington Beach, CA




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